Akita Inu (Akita dog) is another ancient breed that originated from Far East – Japan peninsula, region of Akita. Locals call this breed ‘Odate-Inu’, ‘Nambu-Inu’ and ‘Kazuno-Inu’.

Akita is fearless and strong. In past, breed has been used for hunting bears and caring cargo as a sled dog. Akita is also intelligent and it is known to be a very skilled police watch dog.

Akita is national dog of Japan it is considered to be a symbol of luck. Due to Japan’s isolation this breed has been unknown to the rest of the world until early 20th century when it was introduced to US. In fact, Hellen Keller was one of the first US owner, given to her as a gift from Japanese government after her visit.

Today there are two types of Akita – Japanese breed and the newer American Akita.